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P.L.  -Treated for high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea
“The first visit got rid of the nausea.  High blood pressure is normal now.  Dizziness
has been relieved.  For three years my medical physicians told me they did not
know…nor could they treat it.  Before the dizziness and nausea controlled my life.  
Now I have energy and can do things again.  My shoulder was hurting for weeks.  
Quinn stuck a needle in my left leg and got rid of the pain in my left shoulder…is that
good or what?  I would definitely recommend others to Quinn.  He takes time to talk to
you, unlike my other medical doctors.”

C.K.  -Treated for vertigo, sinus infections, headaches
"I have been helped with my sinus problems and headaches.  My vertigo is doing
much better.  I am not as stressed and my physical ailments are much better.  "I
would definitely recommend Quinn to others.  He takes his time with his patients,
listens to every word you say, and takes care of the problems.  Quinn is an excellent
doctor.  He is also a wonderful person."

D.C. – Treated for lower back pain and sciatica
“Quinn is wonderful. The pain is virtually gone.”

L.M.- Treated for hypertension, high cholesterol, pain
The treatments have helped by stopping back pain, lowering blood pressure, and
lower sugar levels.  Since coming here, I have changed for the better.  I feel better.   
Quinn is very good and very nice.  I recommend him because he does a good job.

S.B- Treated for chronic constipation
Quinn is great!  This has helped me with chronic colon/bowel problems that many
traditional MDs could not.  I am feeling better about overall emotional and physical
health and hopeful that goals can be reached.  Thank you so much for your help and
dedication in helping me with chronic issues.

S.S.  -Treated for seborrheic dermatitis        
"I have gotten relief from the itching and spreading of seborrheic dermatitis.  I feel
that I have my head back.  Also I have found the acupuncture to be a good stress
eliminator or reducer.        
I would recommend Quinn because of his caring manner and knowledge of Oriental
Medicine.  I like his honest and openness.  He answers all questions.  Quinn takes
the time to listen to one's concerns.  He knows the right questions to ask to complete
the picture of one's well being.  He really treats the whole person."

C.C.  –Treated for endometriosis
“Treatments with Quinn have reduced my abdominal and lower back pain and
regulated my menstruation.  After receiving the treatments I felt relieved!  Without the
pain you forget you ever had it.  His demeanor is excellent and he cares about what
he does and his patients.  He knows what is doing…I think (just kidding!)"

C.F. – Treated for chronic lower back pain
“Quinn is outstanding.  After receiving acupuncture my pain went from a 10 down to a
3! I will recommend Quinn to others."

C.S. - Treated for severe endometriosis causing digestive disorders
“Since receiving just two treatments with Quinn  I now experience less pain and
cramping, less fatigue, less anxiety, and my digestion and appetite has improved.  I
feel like a healthier more energetic person and I think I am a better mother and wife
now.  Quinn  really takes the time to listen and he answers all questions thoroughly.  
He does a great job and acupuncture really works.”

Anonymous- Treated for chronic pain
Dr. Takei was incredible- great bedside manner, took time to talk with me, never felt
rushed.  I am very impressed.  The treatments have helped decrease pain and to live
a higher quality of life.  I have been able to exercise more and walk better.  Quinn
was very professional, the office relaxing and the staff friendly.

R.C.- Treated as adjunctive therapy for breast cancer
With the treatments I feel lighter, rejuvenated, energized and feel that all my systems
are flowing.
Quinn is an excellent listener.  He is caring and follows up with certain health
situations that require attention.
I would absolutely recommend him to others.

N.C.- Treated for pain
Treatments with Quinn have made me aware how acupuncture can really help ease
pain and discomfort.  I’ve realized stress is the cause of disorders in our bodies,
therefore, I’ve been learning to let go of much stress.
Quinn is excellent, very professional and at the same time very caring.
I absolutely recommend Quinn to others because most people in pain or under a lot
of stress need to feel comfortable with their doctor.

T.C. – Treated for knee pain
"Since I have seen Quinn the knee pain and soreness have decreased.  I have more
flexibility and am able to return to the activities that I enjoy.  Quinn spends time with
me never making me feel rushed or unimportant the way some health care facilities
do.  He is excellent, very observant, and caring.”

W.L.M. – Treated for lower back pain
“Quinn’s acupuncture treatments have helped very much.  I feel much more relaxed
and can experience free movement without pain. Quinn is very profession and
concerned about the outcome of the treatments.  I would recommend him to others
because he has my trust and I feel he makes every effort to make me comfortable.  
Oriental Medicine offers much more than I expected without refined medicines, and
there are no side effects.”

A.F. – Treated for swelling of the brain causing full body paralysis
"Because A------ is being treated by Quinn he has more movement in the legs, arms,
and hands and he seems to want to talk more.  A------ is much more relaxed and tries
to help his wife when she lifts him to put him in the car or in the bath tub.  Quinn is
very considerate of A-----‘s condition and is very concerned about how he is
responding and improving.  We would recommend Quinn to anyone and everyone
because he is genuinely concerned for the conditions of his patients.  Our family
would like to thank Quinn for the great job he is doing with A------.”

G.L. – Treated for bronchitis
“The treatments with Quinn has cleared up my breathing problems, and decreased
sinus drainage.  The herbs he has prescribed has lowered the amount of phlegm I
have and helped me get it out and increased my energy.  I recommend Quinn
because his treatments are working.”

L.M.- Treated for headaches, muscle pain, allergies, and TMJ
My sessions with Quinn have alleviated my headaches and alleviated my TMJ.  I have
much less tightness in my neck and shoulder areas.  I have increased energy levels
and less coughing when eating, and less post nasal drip.
Quinn is so kind, attentive, really listens to my answers, and is so supportive and
I would certainly recommend Quinn to others based on the results with my issues.  I
have had great improvement in every area of concern.

C.K.- Treated for migraine headaches
The migraines are now less severe and less often   Quinn is professional without
being cold and uncaring.  Never makes the appointment seem rushed.  

J.L. – Treated for IBS and pain
“I am feeling better as the muscles relax, a more positive outlook is restored, my
energy is not restricted or usurped by pain so there is more available for good use.  
Quinn is sincere, caring, and a good listener.  Namaste and thank you for your help.”