Yoga  at The Center: Natural Health Specialists offers
you the unique opportunity to learn and practice yoga
on a one on one basis with your yoga practitioner.  
Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses,
different degrees of flexibility, and different body types.  
Unlike many group classes, at The Center we recognize
that some movements and postures should be modified
and customized to better serve the individual.  A number
of the yogic postures, movements and breaths ought to
be avoided completely during times of injury as well as
certain life cycles.
Our private yoga classes are now available for:
  • individuals
  • couples
  • groups up to 4 people
These classes are individually tailored to meet your
needs and individual goals.
  • Strengthen your body
  • Increase energy levels
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Quiet the mind and life with a greater sense of
    peace and connectedness  

Personalized yoga dramatically enhances your
practice with individual instruction and attention to
your body type and considerations for your personal
strengths and limitations
Katrin places a huge emphasis on learning proper
yogic breathing techniques, which I found
extremely helpful as a beginner. Since I began
working with her I have significantly increased my
flexibility, and feel that the time I spend practicing
with her has helped reduce my stress levels."

-Justin Palmer
Our certified yoga teacher will evaluate your goals and limitations and create a personalized
yoga routine for you to practice which will be safe and give you all the benefits of yoga without
the dangers of possible injury.

Typically, this practice involves postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation
techniques, which are basic tools drawn from this ancient holistic healing system.  This yoga is
designed to empower the individual to progress toward greater health and well-being.
Prana/Hatha Yoga

Prana means energy and yoga means union/oneness. Prana yoga is the yoga of accessing prana
through yogic practice. The practice of prana yoga includes postures/asanas (also known as hatha
yoga), breath/pramayama, meditation, living a moderate and giving life (yama and niyama), the use of
sounds through chanting (mantra yoga), visualization and reading core ancient scriptures (Ex: The
Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita). The ultimate goal of prana yoga is the experience of union or
oneness. This is also referred to as the true knowledge of our intuition within or enlightenment.

Once we reach this goal we can easily tune into the pranic experience on a daily basis. This will take
our personal experience to a new dimension where we are more aware of our reality and feel much

In yogic philosophy we have a belief that our reality is built up of 5 sheats or koshas that cover who we
really are. They are built up from a variety of density, from dense to subtle. These 5
koshas/sheats/bodies are (from dense to subtle): Physical (Our bodies with the five senses),
Emotional/Pranic (feelings and charkas/energy centers), Mental/Ego Mind (Our thoughts),
Intuitive/conscious mind (eternally present aspect of ourselves/ the seer within), Bliss/Joy (moment of
extreme happiness and well being).

We have 7 chakras/energy centers that are located in our pranic/energy body. These charkas are
located along the spine, but are not to be confused with the spine. They run from our tailbone all the
way up to the crown of our head and get lighter as they progress upward.

Hatha yoga has the same goals as prana yoga, but with more emphasis on postures/the physical
aspect. Many people prefer this kind when working out injuries and building strength and flexibility. The
Sanskrit meaning of Hatha is sun (ha) and moon (tha).

"In our yoga sessions we will explore and work on freeing
up the energy in our physical and pranic body and strive
towards the goals above. To facilitate your understanding
open and comfortable atmosphere where we can work
together so you can reach your highest potential. You will
decide which aspects to highlight in your practice".