Chinese Medicinal Herbology
purposes.  Every herb has specific qualities which influences specific organs and
functions of the mind and body.   Traditionally numerous single herbs are selected and
combined together to work synergistically in promoting healing and health.  

Custom Herbal Formulas
At The Center, we recognize that everyone is different and needs different herbal
prescriptions to bring them back to, and maintain their optimal health.  Most of our
Chinese herbal prescriptions are custom mixed with granulated herbs specifically to
address what you need.

Safe & Effective
Most of the herbs which we dispense to our clients have been harvested in China and
then processed in Taiwan, which has very high regulatory standards.  These herbs are
then imported to the United States where they are again tested and analyzed to ensure
the quality.  You can feel confident in knowing you are receiving and excellent quality of
safe and effective herbs.

In addition to the custom mixed powdered herbal prescriptions, we also offer many other
forms of herbal medicine including: pills, tablets, tinctures, plasters, extracts, salves, and
spray-on herbal formulas.