& Oriental Medicine
Oriental Medicine is an effective and safe holistic medicine that
originated over 4,000 years ago.  Oriental Medicine remains
effective today because of its unique understanding of the body
and mind and ability to accurately diagnose and effectively treat
a wide variety of disorders.  We treat the underlying, root
causes of ailments, and do not simply mask the symptoms.  For
many, Oriental Medicine is the only medicine to offer effective
results and satisfactory reasons why specific ailments occur.  In
addition to the effective and lasting results, our therapies are
natural, safe, and free of adverse side effects.

Medicinal Chinese Herbs
There are thousands of different herbs which are used for medicinal purposes.  Every herb
has specific qualities and influences specific organs and functions of the mind and body.  
Herbal medicine is now available in many forms and may also be applied topically, used to
make medicinal wine, and even injected into the body.   Many of the pharmaceuticals used
today in Western Medicine are based upon functions of herbs.  

We offer a wide variety of herbal forms.  We specialize in herbs which have been granulated
into a powder for your convenience.  These herbs are custom mixed specifically for your
needs and are very easy to take at home while being very effective.  Click here for more
information on
Chinese herbs.
Throughout the body are specific pathways of energy (or qi)
know as meridians.  There are special areas of energy along
each meridian which is an acupuncture point.  Acupuncture is
the insertion of very small needles (about the size of a hair)
into these pathways and points of energy.  Acupuncture
specific effects on this energy to influence how the energy
and blood move through the body and mind, and can
influence how organs are functioning.  By doing so, the
original causes of disease and ailments are brought back
into balance, eliminating problems and restoring health.

Does it hurt?  No.  Most are pleasantly surprised when they
feel how different acupuncture needles are compared to the
needles commonly used today.  In fact, many of our clients
state they are never so relaxed as when they are being
Is Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Right For You?
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine are primary forms of health care for millions all over the
world.  They provide relief and healing at times when other forms of medicine have failed.  
They can do the same for you.

Call our office today to discuss your health care needs and goals.  Better health and a better
quality of life are very possible with this effective, safe, and natural medicine.