Shery Vogt-Lamancusa,

Several years ago if you had told me I would be doing what I am right now I would
have giggled and said,  "Yeah.... whatever!"  It took a mountain to get over with
help along the way, but here I am. One of my best friends was diagnosed with
breast cancer back in the late 90’s. She was a great influence in my life, if truth be
told one of the GREATEST influences. Her illness devastated me at first, in my
mind we would never be the same, and in some ways we did change. We became
closer! I lived in a small community where everyone knew everyone.. so we all
chipped in to help during the times when my friend couldn’t do things for herself or
her family. She did eventually go into remission, it lasted 7 years. 7 great wonderful
years, we watched our kids grow from little ones to tweens to high schoolers. That’s
where things got tricky! Between us we had 3 teenage boys and 1 teenage

It was 2003 when her cancer came back and when it did it came back with a
vengeance. Multiply tumors exploded in her body, chemotherapy and radiation,
experimental meds and lots of tired and sickness. Through it all I always stayed,
when other of our friends left because of the difficulty of it I stayed with her. My
sons stayed with her, her husband and children stayed with her. We would take
turns sitting with her, she always made me massage her feet. I did not know what I
was doing, but I did it anyways.     
One day she said, "Shery, you are going to become a massage therapist and
nurture others like you do me."  I giggled a lot but, she was right! I became a
massage therapist the year that she passed away. She was one of the first paying
clients I had. It was exciting for both of us, she watched me discover a dream and I
got to help her relax and feel a bit better for a short while.

Interesting how life changes so quickly, toward the end of her life and the new
beginning of mine I moved to Raleigh. This is where I was meant to be. As I began
my new journey as a massage therapist I quickly understood that I wanted to not
become your normal run of the mill therapist. My formal education began in Ohio at
SHI Medical Massage, and ended at Medical Arts School of Massage. A total of
1450 hours in both schools, I have then gone on to complete several hours of
continuing education classes in Ashiatsu, Hot Stone massage, Bamboo Fusion
massage and now Oncology massage.

Thank you for taking time to read some about me. As it is a brief over view and I
sincerely hope it gives you a glimpse into who I am.

With Warmest Regards,


Phone: (919) 624-4457