Rebecca Cooley,  
Rebecca Cooley, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and Certified Master Coach
(CMC) specializes in emotional, spiritual and energetic healing and personal
empowerment. She meets with you for an initial 1.5-hour session, to identify the main
challenges impeding your joy, peace, power, and freedom. Rebecca’s integrative
and comprehensive mind/body/spirit/energy approach may include reiki, shamanic
techniques, psychological acupressure or EFT, visualization (NLP), mind/body
techniques, mindfulness/meditation, Emotional Stress Release techniques, and life
coaching. She is committed to helping you release blocks, connect with your
personal power, and achieve your goals.

  • Over 1000 hours and 24 years of training in mind/body/spirit/energy methods
  • Author of “A Mindful Approach to Coaching”
  • Trained in four paths of Shamanism
  • Trained in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Duke Integrative Medicine
  • Trained in Self-compassion
  • Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Archangelic Light 2nd Degree
    Practitioner, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Mindfulness/Meditation
    Instructor, Psychological Acupressure (EFT) and NLP Practitioner, Emotional
    Stress Release Master, Certified Master Coach
  • Founder of Catalyst Action Coaching, Happy Cyclists Beginner Bike Riding
    Lessons, Meditation and Mindfulness Meetup, Introverts Unite Meetup
  • Presented “Mindfulness and Stress-reduction techniques” class at various
    organizations in the Triangle and has taught Mindfulness & Meditation classes
    for 6 years
  • Member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, Member of the
    International Coach Federation

ENERGETIC HEALING/REIKI- Rebecca is a Usui Reiki Master. Reiki is an energetic
healing method used for spiritual insights, guidance, energetic balancing, and
strengthening of the chakras. She does energetic cord cuttings, chakra repair,
energy clearing to help your release connections with people, situations, emotions
and beliefs that are no longer serving you.

SHAMANIC HEALING- Rebecca has trained in four paths of Shamanism includig
Mesoamerican shamanism, Incan Peruvian Shamanism, Core Shamanism by the
Foundation for Shamanic Studies (world-wide indigenous shamanic practices), and
mental/emotional shamanic practices connected with energy kinesiology. She
provides shamanic healing, power animal retrieval, minor extraction healing,
shamanic divination work, chakra cleansing and balancing. Using this indigenous
approach to wellness, Rebecca connects with her own spirit teachers and spirit
helpers and Heaven and Earth energy to assist you with emotional and energetic
release, balance, and a return to your personal power.

SACRED SOUND HEALING- Sound healing has been used for thousands of years
to assist with releasing energetic blocks and healing. Rebecca uses a crystal bowl or
shamanic drum during your sacred sound healing session.  

instruction on various energetic protection methods to both clear your energy field
and physical space and create healthy energetic boundaries with others. These
methods are not only for empaths but for everyone.

PSYCOLOGICAL ACUPRESSURE (EFT)- Rebecca has been trained in the
Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as the tapping method or psychological
acupressure, to assist you with releasing fears, stress and worries.

EMOTIONAL STRESS RELEASE- Rebecca is a ESR Master who utilizes these full-
sensory mind/body visualization techniques to help you move away from the
thoughtsthat no longer serve you and move toward your goals. Methods include
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and other mind/body techniques.

over 24 years of training in meditation and relaxation methods and has studied Zen
meditation, Vipassana meditation, Korean Buddhist meditation, insight dialogue
meditation and attended and provided numerous mindfulness and meditation
retreats. She utilizes her background as a Master Coach to share stress-reduction,
mindfulness and other mind/body techniques to help you return to your true nature
of peace, joy, freedom and personal power.

Rebecca has been in private practice as a coach for over 10 years and is committed
to helping people reach their goals using a variety of mind, body, and spirit methods.
Rebecca's mission is to help people help themselves. She offers a compassionate,
engaged, dynamic, and transformative approach. Rebecca believes each person
can be a catalyst for change in their lives and is dedicated to helping people realize
their potential.

For more information on Rebecca Cooley or reiki and shamanism, please feel free to
call her directly at (919) 815-4607 or email at

Phone: (919) 815-4607

Reiki Master
Shamanic Practitioner
Mindfulness/Meditation Instructor
Psychological Acupressure (EFT)  
NLP Practitioner
Emotional Stress Release Master
Certified Master Coach