One of the gifts of Integrative Medicine, setting it apart from Allopathic Medicine,
is that it honors you, the patient, as a whole being.  At The Center: Natural Health
Specialists, we want you to participate in the process of creating your health.  All
our practitioners strive to educate you about your body and the astounding
measures it undertakes to return you to balance and health.

Nutritional Microscopy is a wonderful tool used to involve and educate patients in
their health.   In a microscopy session you view the quality of your blood,
projected through a high-powered microscope onto a monitor.  What you see can
directly reflect the level of balance and state of your health.  Together with our
Certified Nutritional Microscopist you watch a sample of live blood and learn why
the cells have the shape they do and what their actions reveal.  Based on what
you see, you can gain insight into the underlying causes of symptoms you may
be experiencing.  You are given recommendations to help support healing by
making dietary and lifestyle changes and possibly adding nutritional supplements.

Some of the conditions seen in the blood reflect if you are dehydrated; perhaps
eating a diet that is high in sugars and simple carbohydrates; if you are not
breaking down nutrients such as protein and fat for your body to use; if you have
an abundance of a fungus or yeast and even if your liver and digestive system is
not moving toxins out in a timely manner.  Each of these scenarios set you up for
feeling less than your best.  And each condition is relatively simple to correct with
proper guidance and education.  In addition, prior to your microscopy session,
you will complete an in-depth health evaluation form which gives another “picture”
of what you may be experiencing.  The most important thing to know is that you
can make changes that will help you feel better and bring you back to balance
and health.

A series of Nutritional Microscopy sessions can work hand-in-hand with
acupuncture, naturopathy, and detoxification through ionic foot baths, lymphatic
and traditional massage therapy.  Our goal is to ensure you receive the support
you need to feel your very best.
Nutritional Microscopy
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Article submitted by Sally Gentry, LMBT.