Acupuncture may significantly improve the odds of becoming pregnant.  
Research shows the use of acupuncture has increased fertility, both when used
alone and when combined with Western fertility treatments.

The American Fertility Society defines infertility as “one year of regular
intercourse without contraception and has been unable to conceive”. According
to the National Center for Health Statistics, about twelve percent of women in the
United States have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a baby to term. It is
reported that twenty to twenty-five percent of couples trying to conceive have
infertility issues.  

Acupuncture has been used as a safe, effective, and natural treatment for
infertility for thousands of years. The first gynecological records originate from
China approximately and date back about 1500 years. Acupuncture’s unique
perception of the body has often provided women with answers to their fertility
questions when other medicines have not. Oriental Medicine treats the whole
person - not just the symptoms. By resolving the underlying imbalances and
eliminating the causes of problems, acupuncture can bring the mind and body to
optimal health and allow for a healthy and sustained pregnancy.

Current research on acupuncture and infertility includes the following:

In 2002, Fertility and Sterility magazine found acupuncture boosted conception
rates in those under going In Vitro Fertilization by almost 20%.

Gynecological Endocrinology magazine reported a study comparing the use of
hormone therapy and acupuncture in the treatment of infertility. In the study, fifty-
four participants were divided into two groups. In the acupuncture group fifteen
became pregnant verses twelve in the hormone group. In addition, only
participants from the hormone group reported adverse side effects.

In 2006, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine reported that treatment
using acupuncture with IVF produced better results than IVF alone. Twenty-six
percent of those who did IVF alone became pregnant, while thirty-nine percent of
those who received IVF and acupuncture conceived.

Acupuncture can resolve male infertility. In one study, 100 individuals with
antisperm antibody (AsAb) disorder were divided into two groups.  Those who
received Prednisone reported a sixty-four percent effective rate.  The group that
received acupuncture and herbal medicine reported a ninety percent effective

Another study in Ganshu, China analyzed the treatment of infertility caused by
endocrine dysfunction. The group receiving standard medicine therapies
reported a forty-five percent pregnancy rate. The acupuncture group reported a
sixty-five percent rate.

In 2005, the University of Maryland received $400,000.00 from the National
Institute of Health’s Center to research the benefits of using acupuncture in the
treatment of fertility.

The use of acupuncture can improve fertility both when used alone and when
combined with Western medicine assisted reproductive therapies. This natural
therapy may assist you in enhancing your fertility as well.  

The Center: Natural Health Specialists is North Carolina’s premier natural health
center. The practice is composed of many diverse natural health practitioners
who can work collaboratively to enhance their patient’s fertility. The medical staff
includes a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM), Licensed Acupuncturists,
Naturopathic physicians, and Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists with
specialized training in fertility and pregnancy bodywork.

Quinn Takei, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM) and director of The Center will be
hosting a free informative talk on Acupuncture and Infertility on Monday, March
23 at 7:00pm. Attendees will learn about infertility issues and gain a better
understanding of their options. Participants must register by calling 919-848-
Acupuncture: A Natural and Effective Treatment for Infertility
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