that leads to fitness and happiness and improves your overall health.  I am also
sure you may have lots of questions. What exactly is considered a healthy
lifestyle?  Why is this topic such a trend right now?  What changes do I need to
make to adopt this way of life?  How do I get my whole family involved?  These
are all very good questions and are commonly asked among my patients.  I am
sure you are very confused as well with all the conflicting information in the media
and press.

Helping my patients adopt a healthy way of life is foremost my number 1 priority.
The main cause of most illness and disease is how we treat our bodies; what we
eat, what we drink, what we breathe, and what we put on our skin. Our bodies
were designed so that we have to eat.  And having to eat is not just to calm our
hunger pains or soothe our taste buds; the nutrients in our foods are used in
every cell in our body for all the amazing biochemical processes.  Without proper
nutrition our bodies cannot make new cells, such as bone or muscle, cannot
repair cartilage, build strong healthy hair and nails, or make the necessary
immune cells to fight off viruses and bacterial infections.  Our bodies need all the
proper nutrients to make energy so that we feel great. These nutrients are even
needed to help induce sleep, something lacking in many people’s lives.

Helping people change their lives through diet and exercise is supposed to be
the first line therapy for most chronic diseases or disorders, such as heart
disease, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, chronic infections, diabetes, and
the list goes on.  However, the standard of care has shifted and most doctors don’
t recommend this simply because they feel their patients do not want to change
and will not comply so it would simply be a waste of their time.  Also, most doctors
do not know what a healthy lifestyle is and do not follow one as well, so they aren’
t at liberty to endorse the changes for their patients.  There is nothing more non-
motivating than having an overweight and unhealthy looking doctor tell you to
lose weight.

And what’s with the medical field listing “weight loss” as a treatment of diseases
such as diabetes. They act like it is something so simple for everyone.  Why don’t
they list the steps that need to be taken to “lose weight?”  Oh yea, they do.  They
say to “eat sensibly” and be active.  But what does that mean? This is exactly why
I have decided to formulate my own weight loss program- to teach people what it
takes to change habits and get healthy- the side effect to this program is of
course weight loss.  It is time we get back to Basics!

This patient centered, doctor directed weight loss program is for everyone,
whether your ultimate goal is to lose 10 or 100 lbs.  It is different from other
programs because it involves addressing the “root cause” of why you are
overweight. The key is to get rid of the weight by getting rid of the cause.  When
this happens, it leads to long-term weight loss as well as a healthier future.

Dr. Kaumeyer is now accepting ONLY 15 new clients to participate in what she
describes as the best “weight loss” plan available. She believes that each body is
different so each individual needs a different plan that is tailored to their lifestyle
and habits.  After a thorough medical intake to access any and all health
complaints, Dr Kaumeyer will devise a very individualized diet and lifestyle plan.  
This program is very realistic and incorporates all the foods that you enjoy and
does not require you to purchase any prepackaged “diet” foods.

This 12-week plan includes an initial medical assessment, 6- 30-minute follow- up
visits, 2 group meetings at week 1 and week 6, and a final special celebration
week 12.  During each follow-up visit, she will not only record your weight and
measurements, but she will also be using a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
(BIA) to monitor your progress.  This is a method of assessing your “body
composition” - the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass. The
BIA is much more sophisticated than your bathroom scale, but just as painless-
and almost as quick. BIA is a simple procedure that can be performed right in our
office in a matter of minutes with the help of a sophisticated, computerized
analysis. This analyzer “calculates” your tissue and fluid compartments- using an
imperceptible electrical current passed through pads placed on one hand and
foot as you lie comfortably clothed on an exam table. This machine is great
because it is highly accurate and you can watch your fat mass decrease even if
the scale is not budging- and that is the most important measurement.

The main reason you need to participate in this program is because you will be
viewed as an individual and will not be a part of a generic program.  Your overall
health will be assessed and other treatments or testing may be recommended to
not only help you jump start your weight loss but also address any and all other
health complaints.  Not only may you lose weight, but your chronic headaches,
sinusitis, or stomach complaints may disappear as well.  What could be better
than that?  Participating in this program will also give you patient status with Dr.
Kaumeyer so that you can seek medical advice from her for future health

This weight loss program has already worked for many of Dr. Kaumeyer’s clients.  
Why is it successful? Because she is taking a realistic approach and utilizing
foods that you already love. Most fad diets very unrealistic and make promises
that are absurd. The main problem Dr. Kaumeyer also sees with the classic diet
approach is that when people start counting calories without a “plan” they begin
depriving and starving themselves to save calories; and at the end of the day
they end up eating more and actually GAINING weight.

If you want more information about this program or have questions to ask, Dr.
Kaumeyer will be holding a 1 hour presentation and informational session on
Wednesday September 9, 2009 at 7pm at her office located at 8404 six Forks
Rd. Suite 201. Please call to RSVP.  IF you know you are ready to take the
challenge, call Dr. Kaumeyer’s office at 919-848-0200 to reserve your spot
before they fill up.  The first group is scheduled to begin soon!  What better way
to start the Holiday Season than several pounds lighter!
“Get Healthy to Lose weight”
Dr. Kaumeyer’s 12 week weight loss program
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*Article submitted by Jennifer Kaumeyer, Naturopathic