It's the time of year when nasal allergies start acting up. We sniffle, sneeze and
In fact, one 2006 study says that more than half of Americans suffer from
nasal allergies. Unfortunately, treatment costs can also add up, totaling anywhere
from $500 to $630 for six months of treatment.

Now, however, acupuncture may prove to be a more sensible alternative. A new
study in the Jan. 6 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology has found that
not only did acupuncture improve the quality of life for patients, it also turned out
to be more cost-effective in the long run. Witt and colleagues from Germany
divided a group of 981 nasal allergy sufferers into an acupuncture treatment
group (487 patients) and a standard-treatment group (491 patients).

At the end of three months, the acupuncture patients had a better quality of life
than those receiving standard treatment, with female acupuncture patients
showing the strongest response. Furthermore, after adjusting for the fact that the
acupuncture patients had a lower quality of life before starting the study, the
researchers determined that over the long run, acupuncture was indeed more
cost-effective for treating nasal allergies. The researchers concluded, "Using
acupuncture in addition to routine care to treat patients with allergic rhinitis
resulted in a benefit and was, according to international benchmarks,

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