Play Lifeguard!

By Quinn Takei, L.Ac, DOM(NM)
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From The Center: Natural Health Specialists

In many ways, I'm still doing the same things now as a Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor
of Oriental Medicine. I have the opportunity to speak with you on an individual basis, I'll
look at your tongue, feel your pulse, and make note of how you sound and look and what
is influencing your life.  I use all the tools I have learned in medicine, to pay attention to
the signs and symptoms which point to underlying imbalances long before they manifest
as actual health disorders. Using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, supplements,
lifestyle and dietary suggestions we are able to create and maintain balance. As a result,
you will become healthier and feel better while living with less health disorders.

Unfortunately, we too often in the West, we have a tendency to completely ignore all the
signs and symptoms of imbalance. We ignore them and disregard problems for as long as
we possibly can until inevitably, the imbalances show up as some type of significant health
disorder. Typically it's not until we've had problems for a long time and we become so sick
and tired of being sick and tired that we actually decide to make a change and do
something about it.

Adopting the same philosophy in lifeguarding would be to completely disregard being
proactive to prevent problems and to do nothing until something was in the process of
drowning.  Does it not make more sense to simply be proactive and prevent the problem
in the first place?

I invite you all to play lifeguard. Guard your life as if it was the only one you had. Pay
attention to the little signs and symptoms you are experiencing.  Be proactive and take
care of yourself before the signs and symptoms manifest as illness.  Play lifeguard by
guarding your health instead of just reacting to sickness.  Pay attention to what you are
feeling, eat and sleep well, comply with your suggested supplement program, and
schedule periodic "maintenance" visits with my office.  Don't wait until your drowning to do
something about your health. Not everyone can be saved.

As a holistic health practitioner, I am still in the business of lifeguarding.  The good thing,
is now I can help people without the constant torment of "Marco!... Polo!... Marco!...
Polo!... Marco!... Polo!... Marco!... Polo!... Marco!... Polo!... Marco!... Polo!... Marco!...
Polo!... Marco!... Polo!..." (the horror.... the horror...)

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I used to be a lifeguard. Throughout high school
and college I worked part-time as a lifeguard. I
must say, I was a good one. I was a good guard
not because I rescued tons of people from the
water, but exactly the opposite. I was a good
lifeguard because I paid attention to the signs of
people struggling and was able to prevent
problems before they happened.  I paid attention
to the swimmers who were clinging to the side of
the wall. I made mental notes of the strong and the
weak swimmers. I paid attention to the people that
were too confident in the water and the people that
were too cautious.  I paid attention to all the
different signs and symptoms that forecasted
potential problems in the future and took action to
prevent it.