It is with both excitement and sadness that I now let you know that I am done with
natural medicine and switching careers.  This is the last newsletter you'll get from me
and the Center: Natural Health Specialists.  Most people are very surprised when I
have told them I'm leaving medicine because they know my true passion has been
helping my clients live with a better quality of life naturally.  It is true this is my
passion, however my decisions for a new profession has been largely motivated by
job security.

I realize now, all this time in natural health, I've had it all backwards. My goal was to
help people actually improve their health, so they didn't need medicine,
acupuncture, or herbs anymore.  My goal was to eliminate the underlying causes of
problems and pathology, and not just mask your symptoms of sickness.  I was
foolishly trying to give my patients the tools they needed to stay healthy themselves.  
Who does that help?   Yeah, I guess this health care model is the best for you, but
what about me?!?  I have come to the realization that clearly there is so much more
money to be made from you staying sick.

...As a result, starting in May, I will begin my new career.  My new profession will be…

in TV commercial advertising for the pharmaceutical

It seems to me that the advertising of pharmaceuticals is one of the best moves I can
make to guarantee financial security for myself and my family. Here are some of the
factors that have influenced my decision:
  • The pharmaceutical industry spent approximately $200 million last year in
    lobbying alone!
  • There are over 1100 paid lobbyists at Capitol Hill!

These investments in lobbying and political contributions have been very effective in
solidifying the presence of pharmaceuticals in everyday life.
  • In 2009, the top 12 drug companies did over $435 billion in sales!
  • In 2014 pharmaceutical sales are expected to exceed 1.1 trillion globally!
  • The United States and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that
    allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise directly to consumers.  In fact,
    last year over $4 billion was spent on direct to consumer TV advertising.

All this advertising, marketing, and lobbying has been money well spent.
Big Pharma has been very effective at influencing the way we (patients and health
care practitioners) think about health.  The pharmaceutical industry is now writing
the book on how health care is practiced in the United States (figuratively and
literally writing the textbooks used in medical schools).  The pharmaceutical industry
has secured a position in each one of our lives by never actually fixing our health
problems, but simply masking the symptoms, necessitating the ongoing use of more
pharmaceuticals.  Big Pharma has taught us not to bother with dietary changes or to
begin activities which will improve our health, but to simply take a pill. It's much
easier that way.  Yes, sometimes these pills have negative effects on the body, but
that's okay, they got pills to manage those symptoms too.  
Why bother working
toward health when you can just take a pill that hides the sickness. It’s
pretty much the same thing right?  …Right?

So, as you can see, there's clearly job security (and big money!) in my new
profession of marketing these pharmaceuticals direct to the public.  I decided it's
time to get my priorities straight and go where the money is abundant and job
security is a guarantee!  

Honestly, I just really care about the money!  
Show me the money!!!!  
Show me the money!!!!....................

April Fools!!!
Please tell me you realized this must have been a joke by the end of the first
paragraph.  My apologies if the thought of this being the last newsletter or the idea
of me leaving practice came has a horrific, terrifying, dreadful, ghastly, and
frightening thought.  I’m sure it must have.  I send a very sincere apology to anyone
that literally suffered a heart attack.  The truth is, I’m not going anywhere and will
remain here dedicated to doing my best to help improve your health to best of my

While the overall tone of this article is clearly a joke, the facts stated regarding the
pharmaceutical industry are not.  These statistics are very real.

To be very clear, I am absolutely not opposed to pharmaceuticals (or to those who
work in the advertising and sales of pharmaceuticals). Pharmaceutical medicine
saves lives and manages symptoms, which is exactly what some people need.  
Pharmaceuticals have helped many people without a doubt.  

My biggest complaint with the pharmaceutical industry is how it has influenced
societal perceptions of health and health care as I stated earlier in this article.  
Pharmaceutical industry is sending the message that we have been
absolved of our responsibilities to our own health. Instead of taking the
steps to improve our health, we are encouraged to simply take a pill so we
can ignore our symptoms.  

Clearly, this way of thinking has permeated and perverted our culture.  I suspect with
the politics, lobbying efforts, and money for marketing, this will only continue. I'm
quite certain; no natural illness has arisen as a result of a “pharmaceutical
deficiency”.  For example, insomnia does not occur because people have a lack of
Ambien or other sleeping drug in their system.  Yet, prescribing pharmaceuticals is
pretty much the only suggested treatment for insomnia… and practically every other
problem we have.  
The United States makes up only 5% of the world
population however; over 42% of pharmaceutical sales are in the US alone.
When health ailments arise, we have been conditioned to first seek out a
prescription instead of asking, “Why is this happening?” and “What can
I do to
change it?”.  

Have you subtly become a victim to this ideology which inevitably leads to you
staying sick and getting sicker while pharmaceutical industry gets richer and richer?  
Has this way of thinking permeated your head too?  

If so, I bet there is a pill for that. :-)

I’m here to stay and I remain devoted to offering you a safe and effective alternative
to the pharmaceutical insanity leeching its way into our everyday lives.  I am here to
partner with you so you can take control of your health, eliminate the underlying
causes of disease and live with a better quality of life.  

Have a great April!
Pills, Perceptions & Perversions
 An Important Topic Mixed With A Little Humor
                   By Quinn Takei

This article appeared in The Center: Natural Health Specialists Newsletter
Printed April 1, 2013.
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Article by Quinn Akira Takei, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of
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