As the weather gets colder and the seasons change, more and more people are
sick.  The symptoms of the common cold like runny nose, body aches, chills, fever,
coughing, and fatigue put a screeching halt to your life.  The common cold may last
a few days or even a few weeks.  
This year, don’t get sick!  Being a clinician, I am constantly around sick people.  
Over the years, I have refined my personal “don’t get sick” protocols into a few very
easy guide lines.  Follow these suggestions and stay healthy all year.

Step 1- Wear a scarf and avoid the wind!
There are many meridians or pathways of energy that run up and down the back of
the neck.  These meridians are very susceptible to being invaded by “wind” and
“cold”- which are terms in Chinese Medicine to describe the underlying pathology of
the common cold.  Think about it, what posture does your body innately assume in
response to cold or wind?  You scrunch up your shoulders and tilt your head back to
protect this sensitive area on the back of the neck.  Your body instinctively knows to
protect this area.  Listen to the wisdom of your body and protect this area by
wearing a scarf.  

Step 2- Supplements
Boost the immune system with supplements.  I use two supplements to enhance my
immunity throughout the year.  During the winter months, I will increase their
dosages depending on how I am feeling and my exposure to sick people.  The first
important supplement is
Vitamin C.   The next is a product called “Bio Vegetarian
which is a mix of a variety of immune enhancing herbs and vitamins.  

Step 3- Rest
Be sure you are providing your body with enough rest.  Your immune system is often
working over time to keep you healthy.  Rest is an essential process in restoring
your ability to ward of the germs and bugs freely floating around that cause illness.

Step 4- Use a neti pot
I’m a big fan of using a neti pot.  A net pot flushes out your sinuses with warm saline
water.  This is a simple method to keep your sinuses clean and prevent the
accumulation of factors that can tax the immune system and lead to a cold.  For
more information on using a neti pot, click here.

Step 5- Act at the first signs of a cold!
At the first signs of a cold, or even when you are around sick people be proactive by
doing the following;
1) Increase supplements.  Increase your immune function by increasing the dosage
of the
Vitamin C and Bio Vegetarian supplements.  
Gripp Heel.  This is a fantastic homeopathic remedy that has saved me from
being sick time after time.  I tell my clients to take Gripp Heel for as long as they think
to take it.  When you are experiencing the first signs of the onset of a cold (chills,
headache, runny nose, cough, fatigue…) you will think about your symptoms and
this product.  9 out of 10 times this is what will happen; you start taking Gripp Heel
as you feel the onset of a cold.  Soon time goes by and you realize you forgot to
take it, however you also realize you feel great and defeated to onset of the cold.   
Sinusin nasal spray.  This homeopathic combination product is full of excellent
anti-viral agents that will aid you in squashing a cold as well as decreases the
symptoms of a runny nose and congestion.

Follow these five easy steps to boost your immune system and decrease your
exposure to the bugs and viruses that cause the common cold.  This protocol has
helped me and many other clients stay healthy all year long.

All the excellent products mentioned are available at The Center: Natural Health
Specialists, 8404 Six Forks Road, Suite 201, Raleigh, NC  27615.
Never Be Sick Again!  -How To Avoid The Common Cold
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Article by Quinn Akira Takei, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of
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