***From The Center: Natural Health Specialists Scary October 2013 Newsletter

And now for The scariest Story of ALL time!!! Seriously!

Take a moment to imagine the following:
  • A company with a long history of questionable practices earns millions by selling a
    highly toxic pesticide.
  • The company creates genetically modified seeds to be less influenced by this
    highly toxic pesticide.
  • The company donates millions of dollars to powerful “friends” in the government
    and regulatory agencies.
  • These “friends” in the government allow these genetically modified seed to be a
    patented.  This is the first time in history “life” becomes property and nature is
  • These genetically modified seeds are altered to be sterile so they are incapable of
    reproducing to grow into the plant they came from.  Now to grow these plants,
    farmers must again buy the one time producing seeds from the company.
  • This company develops an entire department to investigate farmers’ crops and
    seeds.  If any of the companies modified seeds were found in the farmers’ real
    (unaltered) seeds or crops, that farmer is sued for “stealing” their seeds, even if the
    wind happened to blow one of these genetically mutated genes from a neighboring
    mutant gene farm.  As a result, the company earns multi-millions of dollars in law
    suits and systematically shuts down farmers not using the mutant seeds.
  • The constant use of pesticides and mutant crops now develops unwanted pesticide
    resistant mutant weeds which are now infiltrating both the mutant farms and the
    natural farms jeopardizing further the food supply.  Farmers are required to
    purchase more of the companys’ pesticides to ward of these super weeds, and
    possible super mutant worms.
  • The company continues to contribute millions and millions of dollars to political
    leaders and key people in multiple regulatory agencies.  The company employs
    senators, members of Congress, the EPA, USDA, FDA, trade commissions, and
    individuals overseeing scientific testing.
  • The company now has control of the majority of all crops and seeds in the United
    States.  The trend continues in other countries.
  • Citizens of the world begin to learn that these genetically modified seeds and
    pesticides may cause tumors, cancer, and wide variety of other illness and demand
    that they have a right to know what they are eating.  Laws are proposed that would
    require food containing these mutant crops to be labeled as such.  The company
    spends millions of dollars to ensure that this law does not pass and asserts that
    citizens do not have the right know what they are eating or where it came from.
  • The company’s Director of Corporate Communications sates that the company,
    “…should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food…  Our interest is in
    selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's job."  However,
    numerous key people in the FDA and other regulatory agencies are on the
    company’s payroll.
  • With so much money and so many powerful political friends, a last minute provision
    is snuck into an emergency budget bill successfully passes which exempts biotech
    firms like the company from judicial review.  As a result, the company now operates
    above the law and can continue planting and selling their mutant seeds even if a
    court of law orders them to stop. This is once again an unprecedented legal ruling.
  • The company earns revenues of over 13,500,000,000 in 2012 alone.  This is a
    14.3% increase from the

Yes, this is a very scary story indeed. This is the story of a huge company operating
above the law, systematically eliminating the competition, slowly poisoning us all by
altering and controlling the majority of food we eat, jeopardizing our entire food supply by
destroying nature’s ability to reproduce naturally, and continuously expands throughout
the world with the help of political corruption.

This of course is just a scary story right?  A story like this couldn’t possibly happen right?   
WRONG.  The scariest part of this whole story is that this is not a story.  This is reality.  It
has happened and it is happening right now.  

The name of the company is

What is outlined here is only a fraction of what this company has done and is currently

Don’t trust what you read here (but, of course you can) and don’t trust information from
this company or those agencies receiving funds from this company.  Millions of dollars
have been spent to keep information like this out away from the general public.  If the
regulatory agencies cannot be trusted to ensure the safety of the food we eat, as well as
our entire food supply, then who can you trust?  Find out the truth yourself.  Be diligent on
what you are eating, how it is grown, and where it comes from.   
And now for The scariest Story of
ALL time!!! Seriously!
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From The Center: Natural Health Specialists
Article by Quinn Akira Takei, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of
Oriental Medicine(NM) with The Center: Natural Health Specialists.