By now you may have heard that a lymphatic massage is now being offered at
body massage that is designed to improve the function of the lymphatic system.  
This has profound effects throughout your entire body.  This article will explain
how lymphatic massage creates better health through detoxifying and nourishing
your body at the same time.

The lymphatic system has two major functions:
1)        Nourish cells, systems, and organs.  The first is to provide nutrition to all
the body systems, organs, muscles and cells.  Imagine if you deprived a plant of
water and sunlight.  It will slowly wither and die.  A compromised lymphatic system
deprives the body of the basic nutrients needed to function optimally.  
2)        Remove toxins and waste.  The second function of the lymphatic systems
is to remove toxins and waste materials from these very same systems, organs,
muscles and cells.  Imagine how you would feel if the sewer system in your home
became blocked and you no longer had the means to eliminate waste from your
home.  Not a pleasant thought, but this is essentially what happenings on a
cellular level when the lymphatic system is not optimally functioning.  

The techniques of lymphatic massage involve the use of gentle manipulations in
the direction of lymph flow in order to release blocked lymph vessels, and permit
lymph flow to channel waste from the body freely. A certified lymphatic massage
therapist, has received special training in therapeutic techniques specifically
designed to influence the lymph system.  These practitioners have received
advanced level certifications including an in-depth study of the anatomy,
physiology, and the functions of the lymphatic system The lymphatic massage
techniques lightly stretch the walls of the lymph vessels and encourage proper
lymph drainage.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage
The lymphatic system plays a major role in our immune system and in the
defense of infection and ailments such as cancer.  It is the delivery system for
nutrients as well as the removal system for toxins for each and every cell, organ
and system within the body.  Lymphatic massage can unblock the lymph system.
Performing lymphatic massage correctly can stimulate the opening of the initial
lymphatic and increase the volume of lymph flow by as much as 400%.  Because
lymph system detoxifies and nourishes nearly every cell in your body, the
negative effects of chronic lymph blockages may include the following:
•        Frequent cold and flu infections
•        Joint pain
•        Headache and migraine
•        Menstrual cramps
•        Arthritis
•        Loss of appetite
•        Fatigue
•        Mood irregularities
•        Depression
•        Acne
•        Weight gain and cellulite
•        Mental fog
•        Decreased energy

Who Needs Lymphatic Massage?
Anyone can benefit from lymphatic massage.  This unique therapy can enhance
the nourishment and excretion of toxic waste from the body in a way that cannot
be accomplished otherwise.  This process aids in the healing of injuries, recovery
after surgery, improves vision and hearing, boosts energy, eliminates chronic
problems, enhances immunity, and promotes healing and overall better health.  

Whether you are currently experiencing a health problem, frequently have
ailments and illness, or are healthy and want to stay that way, lymphatic massage
can help you.  In addition to this unique form of massage having profound
therapeutic effects, it is also very relaxing and simply feels great.  
Lymphatic Massage: Detox & Nourish Your Body
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From The Center: Natural Health Specialists
Article submitted by Deanna Graves, LMBT