It is believed that 80% of all immune functions actually come from
our digestive system.  An impaired digestive system can result in a
variety of symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation,
reflux, abdominal pain, nausea, food allergies, celiac disease, colitis,
Crohn’s disease, and irritable bowl syndrome.   Symptoms of
compromised digestion may also result in many disorders often not
immediately linked to digestion such as seasonal and environmental
allergies, sensitivities to molds, rashes, eczema, fatigue, weakness,
headaches, yeast infections, chronic colds, fibromyalgia symptoms,
and many autoimmune disorders.

Aliments resulting from a compromised digestive system are
becoming more and more common.  Unfortunately this makes
perfect sense considering the common American diet, our stressful
lives, the abundance of processed and preserved foods, pesticides,
environmental conditions, use of harmful pharmaceuticals, and our
over exposure of antibiotics through medicine and in our food

Two very important testing options are offered by The Center:
Natural Health Specialists specifically to evaluate the digestive
function.  These tests can provide a wealth of valuable information
in achieving and maintaining your optimal health by providing
detailed information on digestive functions and food allergies.

The first type of testing is obtained through saliva and stool samples
collected at home and then sent directly to the participating
laboratory.  The results from these tests can show the following:
  • Overall digestive function
  • Intestinal immunity
  • Food intolerances and immunity
  • Parasites
  • Digestive track yeast and fungus
  • Bacterial pathogens
  • Infections diseases

The second type of testing is obtained from a few drops of blood
and a simple finger stick done in our office.  The drops of blood can
accurately show which foods you have allergies and sensitivities to.  
A diverse food panel will rate your reaction to each food on a 1-6
scale demonstrating the severity of the allergy.  Understanding food
allergies is essential in repairing a damaged digestive system.  
Healing cannot take place if it is continually insulted and injured by
what you are eating.

Diets vary a great deal, so there are numerous options for different
food panels to be tested.  These include the following;
  • 96 General Food Panel Allergies Test
  • 95 Vegetarian Food Panel Allergies Test
  • 96 Asian Food Panel Allergies Test
  • 15 Vegetarian Food Panel Allergies Test
  • 24 Spice & 24 Common Herb Panel Allergies Test
  • 16 Allergen Inhalant Panel Allergies Test

These tests can be valuable tools in understanding the current state
of your digestive system and play a key role in uncovering some of
the less obvious factors that may be influencing your health and
overall immunity.   For more information on these and other services
available at The Center: Natural Health Specialists, please contact
us at (919) 848-0200 or online at
Improving Your Digestion & Immunity
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Quinnn Akira Takei, Doctor of Oriental
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