Are you a frustrated parent with a stressed child who has ADD/ADHD?  Are you
wondering what ways you have to treat your child besides stimulant drugs?  A
natural approach may be what you’re looking for: it is safe, effective and creates
long-lasting health.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and with Hyperactivity (ADHD) are commonly
diagnosed for school children, even preschoolers.  The diagnosis is common but
symptoms vary: some are destructive, aggressive and violent while others are
generally considerate but can’t focus for long periods.  Individualizing the
treatment is the key to helping children with any chronic behavior and learning
problems, and is particularly important with ADD/ADHD as there are various
causes for their behavior and learning challenges.   

As naturopathic physicians, we find diet and nutrition is very important in affecting
behavior.  Many parents report their child’s behavior is much worse after a sugar
or junk food binge or if a meal is late.  Blood sugar fluctuations from hypoglycemia
need to be tested and can be balanced by diet sources of protein or by improving
digestion.  Some children have sensitivities to food additives, preservatives and
artificial colors while others are significantly improved by avoiding their food
allergies, which can be detected by a simple finger stick blood test that can be
done at home.  Removing food allergies as a cause can profoundly improve
behavior and learning.  Nutrient deficiencies can be associated with ADD, such as
DHA, an essential fatty acid commonly found in fish and available as fish oil pills.   

We often use constitutional homeopathy as it takes into account the diversity of
symptoms and personalities; to treat the child as a unique, whole being,
connecting the mind and body.   Our goal is to strengthen their constitution and
restore health by treating the causes of illness, not just covering up symptoms.
Compliance isn’t a problem because children, and parents, appreciate that the
medicine tastes good and is easy to take. The cost is modest and the effects are
long-lasting.  Homeopathy is a 200 year old system of medicine. The medicines
are prepared in homeopathic pharmacies, mostly from fresh plants and minerals.  
Also, homeopathy doesn’t have the side effects of prescription drugs, making it
safe even for pregnant women and newborns.   

There are other natural approaches that balance a child’s overactive nervous
system such as herbal medicine and bodywork. Herbs can be used to calm the
nervous system and balance the chemistry in the brain, helping children with
focus and clarity. These plants are tailored to the specific needs of the child.
There is bodywork such as craniosacral therapy, which is a light-touch approach
of healing that releases connective tissue tension in the body, calms and
decreases stress in the central nervous system which, over time, reduces

Other possible causes that should be considered are toxins, such as heavy
metals, that can collect in the brain or nervous system.  They can be detected by
a painless hair analysis test.  Brain toxins are suspected especially if symptoms
occurred or worsened shortly after a vaccination, or if your child has dental
amalgam fillings.  There are herbal and nutritional ways to help the body detoxify
and remove toxins.

Naturopathic medicine uses a comprehensive individualized approach to find the
causes of behavior problems and find solutions that lead to profound
improvement in your child’s home and school life.  Ease your frustrations and look
to nature to nurture your child.  

Dr. Tim Kuhlman is a naturopathic physician here at the Center. Please call (919)
846 9422 for appointments or a free 15 min consult.
Children with ADD/ADHD: A Naturopathic Approach
*Article submitted by Tim Kuhlman, Naturopathic Physician with
The Center: Natural Health Specialists.
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