***From The Center: Natural Health Specialists February 2014 Newsletter

  I came across this article in Prevention magazine.  While I am happy to see people
being informed on some of the benefits of acupuncture, I must admit I have a bad attitude
toward articles of the nature.  Its like, "Oh boy, the latest 'scientific research' has found
acupuncture may have some benefits! I guess it really is a legitimate medicine! Who
knew?!?" Well, I am so glad that Western science is now graciously bestowing "legitimacy"
to Oriental Medicine.  Maybe now acupuncture could start be used as a primary form of
health care for millions of people. Oh, wait...that already happened... like 4000 years ago.

  Anyway, here are some "science-based" benefits of acupuncture. Apparently all the
other benefits are not "proven" at this time.  I guess thousands of years of results has
simply been a whole lot of lucky coincidences.  Whatever...  I'm just so thankful
acupuncture is now being validated by science because I am starting to feel that I just
might not be a total quack.  Up till now, I haven't been entirely sure.  

  Yes, I recognize I may possibly have a slightly bad attitude... Maybe I'm just jealous not
all of my clients look this amazing happy when I work with them. :)
6 Science-Based Benefits of
Acupuncture... Oh Joy, Finally.
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From The Center: Natural Health Specialists
Article by Quinn Akira Takei, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of
Oriental Medicine(NM) with The Center: Natural Health Specialists.
6 Science-Based Benefits Of Acupuncture
By Emily Main for RodaleNews.com  

Research shows acupuncture therapy can be an effective alternative treatment for
everything from headaches to obesity.  

  Has your doctor ever prescribed you a round of acupuncture? Probably not. Alternative
treatments often get short shrift in standard healthcare because doctors are generally
unaware of the science showing that they really are effective alternatives to drugs and
medication. But a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine may (hopefully) change

  The researchers pooled data from nearly 18,000 people who had participated in studies
examining the effectiveness of acupuncture and found that, yes, it really is a good
treatment for chronic pain and that doctors should start recommending it as treatment for
arthritis and other chronic ailments.

  Chronic pain is certainly one of the most common reasons people seek out
acupuncturists, but here are six other scientifically studied ways that acupuncture therapy
can alleviate what's bothering you.
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